Under the Pale Moon

No one enslaves us


Right after the fight with the spiders when the PC’s are recovering from strength drain the drow appear and attempt to take the PC’s as slaves. The PC’s however have another idea and with Envictus fireball the drow and the PC begin to fight.

The fight goes easy for the PC’s who hit some spells to sicken and drive off the drow temporary while they get heading for the surface.

The PC’s then hear voices in the walls and uncover a statue of Loth that was long lost in a side chamber where they can rest and recover their spells and lost health. During this time Envictus attempts a divination spell but the results are not spectacular.

They PC’s then come to a battle where troglodytes are battling drow in a tunnel they need to cross. The PC’s make short work of both groups and continue up the hallway.

Next they come to a pool of water with something glowing in the water below. Mentis swims down to recover a short sword that is magical and uses light three times per day.

Finally the PC’s come across singing and run into a dwarven merchant who say he can show the PC’s the way to the surface, but Black Jack is weary of his intentions.



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