Under the Pale Moon

Outposts under attack


Mentis and Oscar pick up new members for their party from LUNA guild as old allies seek them out as well.

They quickly get word that an elven outpost has been attacked west of the city towards the wizards mountain ranger. They travel with a cleric of LUNA to get their and offer aid.

The first stop is a human outpost near the mountains. As the PC’s arrive they find the outpost under siege by giant ice golems who have been building runic towers in the area.

They offer aid and help rebuild the fort as Er’sul sleeps to preform a ritual. Out on a walk Mentis and Oscar discover a drow scout in the woods and give chase before he vanishes.

After Er’sul wakes up and has new powers they head out into the night for the elven outpost. That night they are attacked by drow at a roadside hut used for travelers and are able to track them the next morning to the elven outpost which trails smoke into the air from a distance.

When they arrive everyone is dead, with the exception of one elf who is healed by the cleric from LUNA who stays here to aid. The remaining elf suggests the PC’s wishing to get across the mountain range. Go under it by tracking the drow back to their tunnels.

The PC’s enter the tunnels of the drow and we end here.



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