Under the Pale Moon

Sliding to spiders


PC’s start off having arrived in the drow tunnels looking to go north west using Mentis direction sense ability. As they enter the tunnels they are attacked by ranger drow and displacer beasts, but due to the PC’s newly added wizard the part is untouchable by their attacks.

The PC’s wizard however sets off a fireball causing the cave to collapse and the PC’s manage to escape falling into the abyss below.

Next they wander caves and tunnels until, they come to a tunnel filled with stalagmites and begin to squeeze through. Here they are ambushed by a roper who saps the strength of some of the party members before they kill it.

The party continues on up and down tunnels until they come to a bend in the main tunnel where two umber hulks are stomping around. Due to the power of these creatures, they take a side tunnel and find worked stone leading into a room with a pit of ogre spiders below.

The party easily enough crosses the pit of spiders but falls for a trap sending Mentis down a slide back into the spider pit below. The party battles the spiders but find their dexterity and strength once again sapped.

Now weak they search for a place to rest.



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