Under the Pale Moon

To the frozen side


The tunnels of the underdark lead out to the frozen side of the mountain range where the PC’s come out seeking the wizards tower.

They are met by hard storms, when suddenly a path is cleared for them through the now raging snow. They travel this path for a few hours until they attacked from the air by a drake.

Making short work of the drake with spells, they continue forward to until they uncover a ziggernaught with a device at it’s peak. They activate a switch and are teleported to a mountain with green ferns and such. It is the same mountain that Envictus saw in his scry vision.

The party went inside a cave at the base of the mountain and used a pack of constructs to activate a doorway and descend down into the mountain. Here they are spoken to by the wizard of the mountain who tasks them finding three magical weapons in the mountain before granting them audience with himself in the future.



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