Historian mage


Morgan, Female Human, Wiz12; Alignment: CG; Deity: Ashura; Age: 22; Height: 5’5", Weight: 90-95lbs.; Complexion: Fair and light skinned; Hair: Cropped Black; Eyes: Green; Handedness: Left.

Born: 513cy she was born
1st appearance: 535cy she was 22 yrs
Current year: 571cy today she is 58 yrs and her whereabouts are unknown


Morgan comes from an upper class family; she is the seventh daughter of a wealthy couple. She left home at age 13 to join ‘The Academy’ and develop her skills as a mage. Being the seventh child in the family she was blessed with unique talents that allowed her to excel in the field of magic and eventually be accepted in the highly prestigious school known simply as ‘The Academy’.

She spent three years there studying magic at the academy, until she reached the age of womanhood and left to travel with some adventures for three and a half years. Finally in her early twenties she settled down in the city of Ashura and opened a magic shop where she currently sells her services by enchanting the gear of adventures, identifying their found treasures and providing research on the location of rare magical items.

Morgan was a gifted student and was known as the person to ask about ancient artifacts around the academy; during her time there she mastered many forms of magic and even added the creation of a few spells to her credit.

In her adventuring years Morgan’s role was to provide research on items the party was looking for then to identify and catalog each item they found. Her interest quickly faded as the life of an adventure was hard, some nights they didn’t eat, others they slept on the cold hard ground and risk was always about. She made many life long friends during this time which helped her in the first years of her business.

Reaching her twenties Morgan moved to the city and opened her magic shop, she had met an orphan named Charlotte, and adopted her to raise as her apprentice. Morgan spent her days teaching and enchanting items while keeping up her research, some times she wished she could return to the adventures life but her responsibilities were many now and life was treating her well.

Morgan now resides in the city of Ashura in the eastern section of the city known as the merchant’s quarter. She can be found in her three story black stone octagonal tower and her prices are always cheaper than the Warriors Emporium Guild’s.


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