Under the Pale Moon

To the frozen side

The tunnels of the underdark lead out to the frozen side of the mountain range where the PC’s come out seeking the wizards tower.

They are met by hard storms, when suddenly a path is cleared for them through the now raging snow. They travel this path for a few hours until they attacked from the air by a drake.

Making short work of the drake with spells, they continue forward to until they uncover a ziggernaught with a device at it’s peak. They activate a switch and are teleported to a mountain with green ferns and such. It is the same mountain that Envictus saw in his scry vision.

The party went inside a cave at the base of the mountain and used a pack of constructs to activate a doorway and descend down into the mountain. Here they are spoken to by the wizard of the mountain who tasks them finding three magical weapons in the mountain before granting them audience with himself in the future.

Back at the camp
5th Edition

The PC’s make it back to the goblins camp where they have to battle the ettins and the goblin tribes. Here they fight through the horde to get inside the caverns.

They clear out the cave and find that weapons are stocked inside as well as forges as if they were preparing for a larger plan was in the works.

No one enslaves us

Right after the fight with the spiders when the PC’s are recovering from strength drain the drow appear and attempt to take the PC’s as slaves. The PC’s however have another idea and with Envictus fireball the drow and the PC begin to fight.

The fight goes easy for the PC’s who hit some spells to sicken and drive off the drow temporary while they get heading for the surface.

The PC’s then hear voices in the walls and uncover a statue of Loth that was long lost in a side chamber where they can rest and recover their spells and lost health. During this time Envictus attempts a divination spell but the results are not spectacular.

They PC’s then come to a battle where troglodytes are battling drow in a tunnel they need to cross. The PC’s make short work of both groups and continue up the hallway.

Next they come to a pool of water with something glowing in the water below. Mentis swims down to recover a short sword that is magical and uses light three times per day.

Finally the PC’s come across singing and run into a dwarven merchant who say he can show the PC’s the way to the surface, but Black Jack is weary of his intentions.

Sliding to spiders

PC’s start off having arrived in the drow tunnels looking to go north west using Mentis direction sense ability. As they enter the tunnels they are attacked by ranger drow and displacer beasts, but due to the PC’s newly added wizard the part is untouchable by their attacks.

The PC’s wizard however sets off a fireball causing the cave to collapse and the PC’s manage to escape falling into the abyss below.

Next they wander caves and tunnels until, they come to a tunnel filled with stalagmites and begin to squeeze through. Here they are ambushed by a roper who saps the strength of some of the party members before they kill it.

The party continues on up and down tunnels until they come to a bend in the main tunnel where two umber hulks are stomping around. Due to the power of these creatures, they take a side tunnel and find worked stone leading into a room with a pit of ogre spiders below.

The party easily enough crosses the pit of spiders but falls for a trap sending Mentis down a slide back into the spider pit below. The party battles the spiders but find their dexterity and strength once again sapped.

Now weak they search for a place to rest.

Goblin's north
5th Edition

The PC’s start out in town and meet a barbarian at a tea house where they hire him as muscle for a job north.

The party buys a caravan with their money and plan on adding it to things they own later. The PC’s then use magic to summon horses to pull the cart and head north where they battle pesky mephits and fend off a goblin raid when the wheel on their cart breaks down.

Outposts under attack

Mentis and Oscar pick up new members for their party from LUNA guild as old allies seek them out as well.

They quickly get word that an elven outpost has been attacked west of the city towards the wizards mountain ranger. They travel with a cleric of LUNA to get their and offer aid.

The first stop is a human outpost near the mountains. As the PC’s arrive they find the outpost under siege by giant ice golems who have been building runic towers in the area.

They offer aid and help rebuild the fort as Er’sul sleeps to preform a ritual. Out on a walk Mentis and Oscar discover a drow scout in the woods and give chase before he vanishes.

After Er’sul wakes up and has new powers they head out into the night for the elven outpost. That night they are attacked by drow at a roadside hut used for travelers and are able to track them the next morning to the elven outpost which trails smoke into the air from a distance.

When they arrive everyone is dead, with the exception of one elf who is healed by the cleric from LUNA who stays here to aid. The remaining elf suggests the PC’s wishing to get across the mountain range. Go under it by tracking the drow back to their tunnels.

The PC’s enter the tunnels of the drow and we end here.

Something in the basement
5th Edition

Drake DM’s as we travel around the city trying to confront bandits who want to strong arm Amelia and put some suspicious cargo in the basement of her tavern.

Clearing out the Abbey
Pathfinder (2 player game)

The PC’s finish clearing out the Abbey, return to the monks and deliver the artifact. Here they get a reward and later find the head of the monk order left an odd message and has left the order i the night.

They head back to LUNA guild to rest up, having drinks and talking to Lynn before deciding what to do next.

Back from Feywilds
5th Edition

The lumberjack and the satyr have their final meeting and the party is lead to a tower in the middle of the forest where discover a sorceress and her knight bodyguard.

They find the sundial and see a painting that resembles Mercedes from Ashura. As they go back they discover it’s a year in the future and is now 572cy spring.

Glim heads to Mercedes to update her on the sundial and what they found there, then things end and we never return to this story. . .


Mentis and Oscar leave the party seeking to aid Ameiko and her companions to seek power and glory on their own. They meet a little sorcerer halfling named Amy who joins up too.

They then make sail for the island of Talisky where they seek a wizard of power. They end up however joining a guild called LUNA and take a quest to aid an abbey where an item of power is located.


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