Under the Pale Moon

Character creation begins for 5th

The players quit Pathfinder due to a crappy campaign “The Jade Regent” and roll up new PC’s for 5th edition.


Go to hell

Party sets out from Ashura due to tales of a dungeon recently discovered beneath a mansion in the wilds.

Beneath the mansion

The PC’s have just finished crossing a chasm and delve deeper into the dungeon below the mansion.

They go through a series of rooms until they come to a demonic faced door and are faced with exploring it or attempting to pass large bronze doors guarded by a hellhound.

Death of Thanayis

After Glim fell unconscious at the demonic faced door the party took a rest back in some cleared out rooms. Now they set forth to pass the large bronze doors that a hell hound was guarding.

Beyond they find signs of a cult and cryptic messages about an awakener . . . During this time the party is possessed by evil spirits and Thanayis falls in battle.

Bard's northward

The party set’s out from Ashura north to a way station in the forest 4 days ride north to drop off a caravan of gnome bards who are making their way to the elven lands.

Along the way they meet a wizard who is summoning magma elementals in the forests.

The Caves

The PC’s have just dropped the gnomish bards off at the way station with the elves. They then headed off to come near by caves to find demons but instead found two halflings who ran off terrified when Alnerios tried to relieve them of their story books.


The gnomes return

The PC’s are back in the city when a halfling invites them to a dinner in their honor for helping the gnomes with the mission north.

As the PC’s arrive they are ambushed by the halflings who they met at the caves bent on revenge for taking their books.

The PC’s fend off the attack and then investigate a quest for the local historian mage which leads them to the Fey Wilds.

5th Edition

The PC’s do a favour for Mercedes who needs them to investigate a sundial she found on the plane of the Feywild.

They enter through to find a lumberjack and a wolf fighting. They quickly scare off the wolf and ask the lumberjack which way to town. Upon arriving in town and parting ways with the lumberjack they hear tales of the fey north of town attacking town.

They further learn that the fey are attacking because the lumberjack is murdering the fey over the death of his daughter at their hands.

The PC’s go off to investigate and explore the Feywilds.

Feywild decisions
5th Edition

Here the PC’s meet a satyr who tells them the lumberjack is evil and must die for killing his people. The PC’s track him to a nearby tower where they meet up with him and find out the satyr is the one responsible for his daughters death.

They then lead him back to the satyr who ambushes them trying to kill the lumberjack. The PC’s put down the satyr in a duel and his fate is left for the party to decide.


Mentis and Oscar leave the party seeking to aid Ameiko and her companions to seek power and glory on their own. They meet a little sorcerer halfling named Amy who joins up too.

They then make sail for the island of Talisky where they seek a wizard of power. They end up however joining a guild called LUNA and take a quest to aid an abbey where an item of power is located.


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